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Family Law You Can Trust in Northeast Wisconsin

Family Law

Your Peace of Mind and Your Fair Outcome

Olson, Kulkoski, Galloway & Vesely, S.C. has decades of experience helping people like you manage the heartache associated with family law. Our compassionate lawyers know that some cases are immensely difficult for you. That’s why we’re here with the skills and services you need to walk away with peace of mind and a fair settlement. We want to make sure your case is resolved quickly and efficiently to minimize the difficulty of divorce and other family disputes.

Family Law Services

There is an end in sight for your legal dispute. Whether you are entangled in a divorce case, child custody petition, pre or postnuptial conflict or other family-related situations, our skilled attorneys will do everything we can to help you reach a satisfactory resolution. Our hope is that, in strategizing our way to a fair proposal, an agreement will be reached that will eliminate the need for a trial.

Undivided Attention and Matchless Determination

In our years of practice, we’ve had tremendous success with cases of varying complexity. When you choose us, you can take pride in your lawyer and trust that we will give you all the effort and attention you deserve for your highly specific circumstances. We have the versatility and expertise to win your case no matter how complicated it may seem to you.

Putting Your Family First

Nothing is more important than your loved ones. That’s why our firm prioritizes family law issues. Allow us to settle your family dispute, so you and those you love can return to normal life. Contact us today to discuss which legal action will best suit your needs. Our kind and courteous lawyers will take as much time as you need to walk you through the details of your case and provide trustworthy advice.