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Divorce Attorney in Green Bay

Family and marital law cases may frequently become complex, and the prospect of making legal decisions may seem daunting. You might be faced with issues such as ending your marriage, property and asset division, guardianship, joint custody, child support or visitation. Because of the potential intricacies, you need a family law lawyer to help you navigate Wisconsin’s legal landscape. Since 1956, the legal firm of Olson, Kulkoski, Galloway & Vesely, S.C. has acted as a divorce attorney in Green Bay and the surrounding area, representing clients and advising them of their rights.

Litigation, Legal Separation and Annulments

Per current statutes, Wisconsin is a “no fault” state when it comes to divorces. This means that neither spouse must prove a significant failing, such as infidelity or desertion. Serving as a divorce lawyer, our legal team may be able to guide you in how to file for divorce or assist you in pursuing other possible legal options appropriate to your specific circumstances. We handle cases involving:
  • Divorce
  • Legal separation
  • Annulment

Custody, Modifications, Child Support and Visitation

Wisconsin law also addresses child custody, support and visitation in detail. This includes both new and existing cases, as well as how the court may calculate child support amounts. You naturally want the best for your children, so you need a child custody attorney to represent you and your interests. We offer our knowledge of child custody laws to assist you as you proceed. And should mediation become necessary, we may be able to help. Furthermore, we are also dedicated to representing our clients in cases where there are contested issues. Our firm handles cases involving minor children such as:
  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Modification
  • Emancipation

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Whether you need a divorce attorney, a child custody lawyer or assistance in other areas of family law, contact the offices of Olson, Kulkoski, Galloway & Vesely, S.C. at 920-437-5405 for legal representation in the Green Bay area. We also handle bankruptcy cases in Green Bay, De Pere and Howard.